Broadband + Phone Services
Broadband + Phone Services
TV Services + Dab Radio
Networking + Media Sharing
Audio Distribution
Video Distribution
Connected + Smart Home Technology

The network of Cat6 HDBT cables distributes your internet and up to 4 telephone lines to multiple locations around the home (subject to subscription to your chosen service provider).


The System is compatible with fibre, 3G and 4G internet and phone services. As part of the installation we position the master BT socket near the data cabinet and connect it directly to your router. This preserves optimum internet performance.

​​Using the network of coaxial cables, you are able to route all your television services around your home from Freeview, Sky HD and Sky Q, Virgin Media, You View or Freesat.


With your system, you are able to install a Dab aerial and

receive the signal in any room in the home.

Our system gives your home a fully integrated Cat6 HDBT network. This means that you are able to plug in your computer, network attached storage  (NAS), printers, smart televisions, games consoles and connect them together.


you can stream any media including video, music and photos from your devices to your televisions in any locations around your home.

CCTV cameras are easily connected to the

concealed cabling. The images can be viewed

on your televisions and computers in the home.

They can also be monitored remotely on your

smart phones and tablets when you are out.

One of our most popular home installations is a system that provides top quality music throughout the home. Carefully installed without a wire to be seen, a multi-room system will let you listen to music wherever you have a speaker plus you can all be listening to different sources at the same time: streamed music, internet radio, CD or music from your own library.


Our platform can enable top quality music reproduction throughout your home. Utilizing a network of hidden speaker cable you can choose whichever brand of speaker or audio equipment suits you best. It may be Sonos, Denon or Bose you name it - multi room audio allows you play the same song in every room or different tracks all seamlessly controlled from practically any smart device.

As our platform allows for all home technology to be connected to one coherent platform you are then able to add a controller to control all aspects off the entire home. Here are a few names Crestron, Control4 Samsung SmartThings.


With this in mind you are able to add smart lighting, smoke detectors, curtains and blinds, thermostats, garage doors and the list goes on.